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Frequent Questions
Frequent Questions

Q: How do I select the right accounting software for my business?

A: There is is no single 'right' package for every business. QuickBooks® may be appropriate for one company, Sage BusinessWorks® may be right for a larger company, and your company may be too large for either of these products to be right for you. The easiest thing to do is call us ((541) 383-4520) or contact us using our form. We can help you initiate a self-assessment and needs analysis.

For overviews on a few key products, click here:
Sage BusinessWorks

Q: Does it make any difference where I buy the software product that I need?

A: Yes. This is one of those situations where the initial software purchase represents just a small portion of your accounting solution. The software needs to be configured to match your business, your people need to learn how to use it effectively, and you will need some degree of follow-up support to answer inevitable questions. You should consider three critical areas:

1. Buy from someone who can support the product. Accounting software requires specialized knowledge of both good accounting practices and good computer practices. It is probably obvious that a generic computer consultant will not be able to support an accounting system once the initial program is installed. It may not be as obvious that your accountant may not be able to, either. Boyd Consulting works in partnership with your existing accountant and hardware vendor to design a system that integrates your business and the way you work.

2. Buy from a full-service firm. You can feel more secure in your purchase if you buy from a firm that can support your future needs, regardless of the direction your company grows. You may need classroom training, telephone support, or on-site consulting. As you get more familiar with the core elements of the accounting software, you may wish to add additional modules that can extend the functionality of the program.

3. Look for a company that is familiar with your industry. You don't need to find a supplier that has already set up your exact company, but accounting for retail is somewhat different than accounting for a service firm. It helps if the consultant for the initial installation and set up of your accounting software is familiar with the key management issues of your industry. What good does it do to have accounting software if you can't find the answers you need?

Q: We bought BusinessWorks from someone else, but they don't do a very good job of answering my questions. Can you help?

A: Yes. Because of our emphasis on training and support and due to the many hours we spend in the field, we are more familiar than most with the kinds of questions that can stump first-time users. Also, as accountants, we are familiar with the kinds of questions that arise for both sophisticated users as well as first-time accounting system users. Either way, feel free to contact us to discuss a one-time consultation or on ongoing program that will end your frustration.

Q: Do I really need support, or can I get it from Sage Software, Inc., the manufacturer of the software?

A: Sage can answer your technical questions about the software but they are not geared to answer accounting questions or provide training. Think of it this way: Microsoft (or other) can help you get your word processor to work the first time, but they cannot teach you how to write a good English sentence. Boyd Consulting is a firm whose business is selling, installing and setting up accounting software, and providing client support for the product on an ongoing basis. In short, we answer the accounting questions and provide the training.

Q: I don't have any support; do I really need it?

A: If you do not have any questions, congratulations! Hopefully, it is a result of the superior application of the product to your business, and your own accounting knowledge and experience.

Most of our clients go through a series of steps in their learning and application of the product. As they get comfortable with one level they are ready to go on to the next. This may mean that the same users are becoming more sophisticated, or it may mean that more people in the company are interacting with the product.

Here is an example: You are using BusinessWorks to take orders for your products, but how are you keeping track of the prospects who haven't bought? How about a contact manager that seamlessly links to BusinessWorks? When a prospect becomes a customer, all of their critical information is instantly available to your sales, inventory and accounting departments.

Outside support is another valuable resource. It reduces lost productivity and frustration, and puts your staff back to work quickly. In the end, it is usually cheaper, and much more efficient than learning on your own.

Q: Where do I go from here?

A: Here are the basic steps in the process of computerizing OR upgrading your accounting system, whether we help you or you do it yourself.
  • Self-evaluation
  • What do I want to gain from a new system?
  • Information
  • Ease of Use
  • Other
  • What questions am I trying to answer?
  • What do I dislike about my current system?
  • What do I like that I want to keep?
  • Needs analysis
  • Which product(s) fit my needs?
  • What modules or components do I need?
  • How many people do I need to train?
  • What timing restrictions do I have?
  • Budget
  • Software
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Installation Schedule
  • Training Schedule

You can call us in before you begin, or at any step along the way.

Q: How much?

A: Of course every situation is different, and as the car guys say, 'your mileage may vary.' However, if the right solution is QuickBooks, you should expect to budget $200 for the product and between $200 - $1,000 for training.

If the right product for your company is Sage BusinessWorks you should budget $995 - $4,000 for the product (depending on the modules you need), and $2,500 - $12,000 for training.

Q: How long does it take to get up and running?

A: This is a good question, because accurate scheduling can limit the disruption to your business. It is good to allow at least 30 days after analysis and installation for data transfer and initial training.

Often the people who are interested in a very quick installation have some critical question that they are hoping to answer with the new system. But 'quick' may not be in the best interests of the final product. We have found that quick installation can lead to a poorly designed system that does not provide the answers to that critical question, and leads to a cycle of continuous modifications. By contrast, a well-designed and planned system provides all of the answers for years to come.

Q: I am ready to talk about buying. What do I do?

A: Boyd Consulting is looking for new customers who:
  • Have a business appropriate for the software products that we support
  • Have a budget for the successful application of their products
  • Are committed to making a decision.

If this describes your company, call us at (541) 383-4520 or e-mail. We can interview each other. If there is a match, we can assist you in determining the next logical steps.

Ask a Question

Do you have a question we didn't answer? Give us a call at (541) 383-4520. In just a short conversation, we should be able to see whether your company is a fit for our services, and vice versa.

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