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Typical Customer Issues
Every company is unique,

...and so are their problems. Yours are likely to be slightly different, too.

Nonetheless, there are some recurrent themes:

  • Unable to isolate the figures that will help solve a particular problem
  • Unable to generate needed reports
  • Unable to integrate a customer contact with an eventual order
  • Reports from our current system are received too late to be of use in managing the business

More unusual, but more serious are the following:

  • The profits are walking away
  • Accountants can find the answers they need, but the line managers can't.
  • We are busier than ever yet making a smaller net profit
  • Our competitors seem to be able to get quotes out faster
  • Our banker wants us to provide monthly info that our current system does not have.

If any of these sound familiar, you may be a candidate for a well-researched solution by Boyd Consulting.
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